10 of the best dog travel tips

1- Stay at a La Quinta!!

they are dog friendly and do not charge an extra fee to bring your dog!

2- Bring fold down wire crates!

your main goal while housing your dog in your hotel room should be to keep the hotel room and your dog safe! a crate is a great way to ensure that he/she does not chew or make a mess of anything while your in the bathroom or not able to pay attention to them .


you want to make sure that you dog is not going to bark at everyone who walks past your hotel room door and everyone in the lobby. you also want to make sure that your dog is not dragging you down the hallway by his leash when you take him out to go to the bathroom. having your dog trained makes it so much easier and more enjoyable to take them everywhere with you.

4- look up dog friendly locations and hikes!

Fido should get to have some fun on vacation too, check out all of the local eats that have an outdoor seating area so that you can bring your pup with you. local dog friendly beaches and fun mom and pop dog shops!

5 - Don't fake your dog as a service dog

C'mon almost all of can see through that facade. It makes real service animals suffer by lessening the integrity of what service dogs do.

6- bring a pop up water bowl and a gallon of water

these are a life saver on car rides and hikes! here is a link to my favorite

7- Keep a lint roller, dramamine, paper towels and cleaning spray in your car.

this one should be self explanatory lol. you dont want to be caught empty handed when your dog has an accident. believe me, it happens to the best of us.

8- Bathe your dog before your trip.

make sure the ride and trip is as clean as possible

9- take photos of your dog everywhere!

these memories will certainly be cherished one day and you'll be so thankful you didn't forget to include your best friend in your photos.

10 - buy your dog some low odor bully sticks for the ride and your destination.

give your pup some way to keep himself occupied when he is not napping in the car!

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