10 Fun summer activities to do with your dog!!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

1- Go Hiking

google all of the best local hiking trails and get your dogs to tag along with you! Be sure to pack a bowl and some water for them as well as some bottles for yourself. you can even have your dogs carry their own water bottles if you buy them a dog hiking backpack which i've included a link for,paur:ClkAsKraXwUqZqP131RihWHWYaW9oactiXYxsxN5d8c56oThEeEMHkoBxTP5uJzRDHGDPE8MCK8FOXPYLn5RY81I-zux4WazKYDyTGSvDrbdCUSpzwENXDeRrhIZAFPVH72jeNvZgG1YCDOYZx841yoi28DIwg,prmr:1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjUh9WFnanjAhXqUd8KHeh8A3MQ8gIIsAYoAA

2 - Go swimming

look up your local rivers and lakes to take your dog for a swim. Maybe you might be able to join in as well!!!

3 - Go to a beach

this one is a hit or miss, the majority of beaches only allow dogs in the off season but its worth a shot to do your research and see if you can find one where you can bring your pup

4 - Get involved with dock diving

See if their is a local dock diving pool that you could introduce your dog too. super fun way to bond and have a great time during the summer.

5 - Frisbee!!!

If you haven't taught your dog how to play Frisbee then it is time to get started. of course your dog needs to posses the natural drive to want to chase in order to learn to love the game but if he/she does, Frisbee will be one of the best ways to tire out your pup and teach them new tricks.

6 - Go out to eat

Take your dog to a restaurant with a nice outdoor patio with you when you go out. the dogs love getting to go out with you and its a nice way to include them in your every day life.

7 - Hide and Seek

This one is one of my favorites. have your friend hold your dog by his collar or place your dog in a down in a room where he wont be able to see you and then go hide! once you are hidden have your friend let go or give your dog the release command and let him search for you. If he needs a bit of help at first you can make a little click sound or tap on the wall but you want to let your pup solve the problem by using his nose! super fun game.

8 - Build an obstacle course

This one takes some imagination, but just imagine a DIY agility course. you can take trashcans and tip them over to make jumps or line them up for your dog to weave in and out ( you will have to lure them initially to train the behavior).

you can also have two chairs sitting across from each other with a broom across them to make jumps for your dog. Use cardboard boxes to make a wall that they can bust through or crawl underneath. the possibilities are endless! let your inner child come out and its guaranteed that you AND your pup will have a blast.

9 - go to the playground

This is somewhat like the obstacle course but its already built for you! teach your dog to go down the slide and how to cross the rickety bridges. If you're feeling super confident start to teach them to climb the ladders or a slanted rock wall.

10 - Make frozen pup treats

My dogs love when i stick pieces of meat, cheese and other tasty foods and nylabones into a bowl of water then freeze it. Once its frozen, they have a delicious and stimulating treat that will keep them cool as well as occupies for about an hour.

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